Natural Beauty: Within and Without

Our simple guide to healthier and happier you - let the real beauty shine through!

As humans, we highly capable of affecting physical characteristics with our mentalities. The relationship between eczema and anxiety is a perfect example. So remember, “what goes in, will come out.” So feed your body, mind and soul good things. We're talking thoughts, foods, experiences, products etc. Cue the saying from our mothers - “beauty is on the inside” or “beauty is within.” It’s practically engrained. And that is certainly not a bad thing.

At NDC, we believe you can have beauty inside and out.

But in order to achieve both, there are a couple rules to follow.

1. Eat your greens and avoid sugars.
2. Remember the complements and forget insults.
3. Wear sunscreen and drop the tanning oil.
4. Be confident in who you are and don’t get down on yourself.
5. Use clean products and trash the chemicals.
6. Put in the extra effort when it comes to self-care and don’t take the easy route.
7. Build people up and don’t talk crap.
8. Be happy and let go of things that don’t serve you.
9.Treat your face as a friend and not a foe.
10. Superfoods are good and supersize is bad.

As you can see, what goes within is equally important as what we go without. Everywhere you turn, there is a highly-followed nutritionist or a well-liked beauty expert telling you what you need. But that’s not always enough. What you don't need is just as significant to a youthful glow and a healthy well-being. Less is more. Everything in moderation. The sayings go on…

Moral: Don’t look at what is missing, appreciate what is there and realize that it is all you need for a beautiful, happy you!

Oh, and buy great 100% natural products from NDC Beauty, duh.


(Image via The Cut)