Coconut Oil for Lashes and Brows

Coconut oil has been used around the world for centuries to moisturize, repair and nourish skin and hair (or lashes and brows!). Coconut oil helps in healthy growth of hair and gives your hair a shiny quality. It is also highly effective in reducing protein loss, which can lead to various unattractive or unhealthy qualities in your hair. 

Coconut oil is extensively used in the Indian sub-continent for hair care and preventing hair loss. It is an excellent conditioner and helps the re-growth process of damaged hair. It also provides the essential proteins required for nourishing and healing damaged hair. Research studies indicate that coconut oil provides better protection to hair from damage caused by hygral fatigue.

According to Hair Loss Revolution, "there’s no doubt that lauric acid, the fatty acid which makes up almost 50% of coconut oil’s chemical components, can contribute majorly to the reduction of scalp inflammation. For hair loss sufferers dealing with inflammation-induced alopecia, this study shows that coconut oil may be an effective treatment for inflammation. With reduced levels of inflammation on the scalp, your hair follicles can begin to repair and unglog which naturally improves hair growth"

We are so excited to bring you the health benefits of Noix De Coco to your eyelashes and brows! Between makeup, fake lashes, harsh soaps, free radicals, etc. our lashes can end up dry and thin. Now you can use our products to promote the growth of healthy lashes and brows and undo that damage! We know that you will love our products once you try them and are so excited to hear your feedback!